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Why I Spent 50 Years Teaching Kids

Watching a big smile across a child’s face or that thumbs-up sign used by kids to show they had accomplished success always warmed my heart.  I felt just like that kid. We had accomplished something great!

I am not in a classroom now but I still have the desire to give other kids that heartwarming feeling of success.  I hope to help teachers, parents, and kids reach their academic goals by making some of my original and most successful techniques available to you.

Educational Kids Apps was inspired by my love for:

  • Poetry
  • Rhymes
  • Music
  • Teaching kids


Empowering Kids Through Positive Learning

Yes Siree

As a mother raising her children in the 70’s, Arlene Richards woke her 2 children every morning for school, sat on their beds, and had them repeat the phrase, “I can do all things”, over and over again.

As an elementary school teacher, Arlene taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for 50 years. She taught in the inner cities of Los Angeles, where many of her students were faced with various challenges. She constantly encouraged and inspired them to keep trying, to never give up, and to always believe in themselves.

The words, “I can’t” were never allowed at home or in the classroom. Throughout Arlene’s teaching career, she created original songs, skits, rhymes, and plays teaching basic skills, while still focused on building self-esteem in young children. Her “can do” approach to teaching won her awards such as Teacher of the Year and nominated for Outstanding Teacher of America for her creative materials. The words, “I can” were the focal point of her teaching to every student as well as to her own 2 children.

Yes Siree was just one of the many songs Arlene created to reinforce to her students that they can become what they want to be...if they keep trying and never give up.

With this mindset, children from even the most challenging environments were able to realize their dreams. The more we instill these positive values into children, starting from the early years, the better their chances of having a bright future.

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